Big Sky Vacation Rentals, Your Local Experts

Kirsten King | Owner, Grunt Laborer

When midlife crisis struck and Kirsten realized her dream of becoming a Broadway star was probably not going to happen, she and her husband Mike moved out to Big Sky, MT in dreams of creating a different life for their family. With over 15 years of property management experience, she has seen it all! Pitching in wherever she is needed, Kirsten is the go-to, do-all, grunt-labor employee every company dreams of having. On the side of all of this, she manages to acquire new properties, set the company direction, and work through business strategies. Also, working on claiming that work/life balance back, Kirsten can be found enjoying her friends and family around their firepit and taking in all of the beauty the mountains have to offer. 

Travel Tip: Enjoy the beauty Big Sky offers and try something new! There are many options year-round including rafting, zipline, fly fishing, hiking, skiing, soak it all in. Check out our favorite winter and summer activities! 
Favorite Big Sky Activity: If you traveling into town for PBR weekend, watching as they fly the American Flag and sing the national anthem with all the riders in the ring...this is something not to miss. 
Mike King | Owner, CFO

Alongside Kirsten's Broadway star midlife crisis, Mike also realized after 20 years as a Golf Professional, he was ready for a change. Moving to Big Sky, a place that not only offers beautiful golf courses, Mike can usually be found on one of the many rivers with a fly rod in hand. The word around town is he even has a few "secret" spots no one else seems to know of. If you find one of the fly fishing spots while you are out, fill us all in! Our go-to man for all accounting and technology related questions, Mike wears many hats throughout the company.

Travel Tip: Under schedule your vacation activities and leave your watch at home. Enjoy your time in this amazing place!
Favorite Big Sky Activity: Are you traveling to Big Sky in the month of March? Let us know, there is a pie auction every year to help raise funds for the schools, best pies around!

Ennion Williams | General Manager

The master of fly fishing and a professional guide, Ennion can often be found knee deep on a river with a fly rod in hand. With over 20 years of experience in the industry here in Big Sky, Ennion manages the day to day operations for Big Sky Vacation Rentals and keeps things running. With a common English last name as his first name, if you have the pleasure of meeting Ennion during your stay, you will find his area knowledge and stories are nothing less than interesting!

Travel Tip: Always travel with a neck pillow when you fly!
Favorite Big Sky Activity: A day spent fly fishing the Gallatin river, followed by a late lunch at The Corral Restaurant or Gallatin Riverhouse Grill.

Meghan Maus | Property Manager & Concierge Services Manager

Meghan has called Montana her home her entire life. You will find her natural homegrown hospitality genuinely warm and exceptionally accommodating. As the mother of 3 busy boys it doesn't seem to affect her energy and desire to make each guest feel important and pampered. Her enthusiasm to please will amaze you. She has enjoyed working in the guest service industry for over 15 years, starting in her hometown area of the Bitterroot Valley and now Big Sky since 2007. She loves the family feel of our team spirited company that gives her ample time to find a balance between her family and work. Meghan's former experience in guest services at Lone Mountain Ranch here in Big Sky, gave her the opportunity to become well acquainted with all the amazing local adventures available to our guests. Her attention to detail assures each visitor a dream vacation to make lasting memories you will cherish for years. 
Meghan also enjoys spending time with her boys and husband Patrick. Whether they are bike riding, skiing down a slope or playing at the lake they take advantage of the scenic open spaces and recreational opportunities in the Big Sky country. 

Elaine Pierce | Reservations

Need help? Elaine is your gal! With her 30 years of experience in the vacation industry, she knows exactly how to fit a guest into the perfect property. Her area knowledge, love of the outdoors, and an IQ high enough to be recognized in Mensa as the top 2% of the population in the world; we bet you can't stump her with any questions! With a genuine kindness in her nature, she will make any guest feel right at home.

Travel Tip: Read up on area activities before you travel, this way you will know the activities that can't be missed!
Favorite Big Sky Activity: The Ousel Falls hike is my favorite. Check out our local area guide, you won't be disappointed!

Shelley Henslee | Revenue Manager

The master baker of spectacular cakes, Shelley is also the money baker, or should we say maker, money maker. With years of experience in vacation rental sales and marketing around the Big Sky area, she carries a wealth of knowledge. Shelley’s top notch sales skills, along with her plethora of area knowledge really helps set Big Sky Vacation Rentals apart from other vacation rental managers. Now, if we could just talk her into this cake baking business for office treats, we would be set!

Travel Tip: You are on vacation, be flexible with your schedule and enjoy your time!
Favorite Big Sky Activity: If you are in town looking for a nice meal with a great atmosphere, the Montana Yurt Dinner is the place!

John Allen | Owner Liaison & Maintenance Operations
The keeper of plungers, light bulbs, nuts & bolts- John is your go to guy! After his run-in of meeting his sports hero Michael Jordan, you will now find John starting his mornings bright an early with a trip to the gym; we still believe he is secretly working on his basketball skills awaiting his next sports hero run-in, but we may never know! With a history of experience in the hospitality industry, he offers only the best and always with a smile, to all Big Sky Vacation Rentals guests. Along with John, he has a team of two very talented technicians working to keep all properties in the best condition and rental ready. These three keeps things running!

Travel Tip: Rent Skis! It is cheaper, easier, and you always have the latest and best gear to choose from.
Also, always, always, always travel on a plane with ear plugs and a snack!
Favorite Big Sky Activity: You have to go to Bingo night at the Gallatin River House Grill!                               
Melissa Chipman | Executive Housekeeper

From Hawaii to Big Sky- Melissa has seen all 50 states and many different countries, world traveler! After starting her own vacation rental cleaning business in Alaska then Hawaii, she decided to meet in the middle with Montana. Melissa and her team keep Big Sky Vacation Rentals properties cleaned and held to the highest of standards, ready at any time to always welcome a guest. When Melissa is not working, or traveling you can find her cross country skiing with her two dogs in tow behind her!

Travel Tip: RELAX and enjoy this beautiful place, enjoy the scenes!
Favorite Big Sky Activity: My husband, Matthew Hallendy is a private chef so I love a good home cooked feast! Also, if you are in town for it the Bluegrass Festival is something not to miss!