Cache Creek Outfitters Sleigh Ride Dinner

1039 Bull Moose Road
Gallatin Gateway, MT 59730
(406) 995-3888

Enjoy an hour long sleigh or wagon ride through the Montana backcountry. En route sleigh ride guests may sit in the open air with blankets or enjoy the forest, horses and stars of the Montana wilderness or relax inside the covered, heated portion of the sleigh to take off the chill. Cache Creek Outfitters features the only heated sleighs in the business, and our wagons are hand crafted for your comfort. Our timber frame dining hall is heated by a wood barrel stove and a 90+ year old wood cook stove. A perfect Big Sky dining & Winter Activities option.

Once guests arrive in the dining hall they are greeted with all the comforts of a deluxe backcountry camp. Comfort stations are basic and effective. Guests are encouraged to relax and socialize all the while enjoying a comfortable, off-the-grid dining experience. After dinner guests will have a 35 minute ride back down the mountain. An excellent event for private parties!

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