Ultra Clean Plus

This chemical free process is environmentally friendly and non-toxic while meeting all EPA standards for sanitization and disinfection. We are offering this additional service to ensure you have the peace of mind that there is no better process to protect your family. Hiring Big Sky Bio Clean provides you the peace of mind knowing you have taken commercial grade measures to ensure that your home has been disinfected safely. Less vacation worries!

This service is available to our guests at a flat rate of $99 (4 bedrooms or less) and $149 (5 bedrooms or more)  and is performed in your home once housekeeping  is finished. The technician moves through the home systematically applying a fine mist to all surfaces in the home, Walls, closets, textiles, furniture and even the garage is treated with a mist that dissolves residue free because it is chemical free and non-toxic. This all natural solution is nothing more than electrolyzed water and is more effective than bleach at sanitization. This "water" is so good at killing viruses and bacteria that it is widely used throughout the food industry to ensure the safety of our food chain.

We have partnered with Big Sky Bio Clean to provide this proprietary process to sterilize every surface in your home. 

Learn More At: www.BigSkyBioClean.com