Big Sky Shipping Services


How to ship: Use our trusted shipping services through Ship Skis. It's fast, easy, and your packages will be awaiting your arrival. Ship a luggage bag, hard plastic travel tube, or a cardboard box. For ease of use, you can schedule a shipment to be picked up from your home or business, or drop off at a local carrier.

Why ship through Ship Skis? Ship Skis has partnered with UPS and FedEx to provide reliable services at lower rates. You will receive $500 insurance on your shipment at no cost to you! You will also have a guarantee on your shipment. If your shipment does not arrive on the guaranteed delivery date, due to delays other than weather, Ship Skis will reimburse you with $200 to cover the rental skis, boots, poles, and helmets.

Follow steps below to ship:
1. Follow this LINK
2. Click the Ship Now button
3. Enter the address you are shipping from
4. The "Ship To" information is pre-filled for you
5. Enter the traveler information and select the appropriate insurance for your shipment if your shipment is over $500 in value
      REQUIRED: in the "other info" box enter the name of the property you rented for your stay. (Inquire if you need help, this is important!)
6. Choose Round Trip for shipping, enter your dates for shipping and pick up
7. Enter your payment information
8. Print your shipping label and return shipping label

As easy as 1-2-3!

We also offer one way shipments back to your house through Ship Skis. Give our office a call at 888-859-2650 to schedule a shipment and receive a box for shipping.

Ship Skis ships all over the United States as well as international shipments.

If you prefer to ship through a FedEx or UPS account, please follow the below instructions: 
-Please note WE CANNOT accept packages through US Postal Mail

If the item you have shipped will require return shipping after your vacation you MUST provide pre-paid/printed return shipping labels.  You must also have your items packaged and ready to be picked up by the shipper. Labels must be attached.
If our staff must drive your items to Fed Ex in Bozeman or Mail and More in Big Sky to package items or get labels a handling charge WILL apply.
Minimum charge for this service is $25 plus the cost of the label. If we must drive to Bozeman the minimum charge starts at $75.
Please keep in mind that there is NO Fed Ex or UPS facility in Big Sky. We have no way to use third party account information to get your labels for you.
No fee will be charged if you follow shipping instructions correctly.

How to Address
BSVR - Your Last Name/Property Name
1569 Lone Mountain Trail
Big Sky, MT 59716-0567


Check for all your personal belongings. Please keep in mind while we’re happy to ship lost and found items back to you at your expense, a $25 processing fee will apply. Your items will be shipped back to you 48 hours after they are recovered.

Please note that UPS and FED EX may not recognize this address, but it is valid and we receive packages on a daily basis.